Cape May Brewery: Shore Stories

Inside Cape May Brewery

Hops, Water, Malt, and Yeast – I’ve always wondered how anyone figured out that mixing these four things together in a specific order could make anything palatable. But, my dear friends, Beer is one of the greatest concoctions man has ever discovered. Honestly, if we are talking seriously, it was probably a woman who discovered beer because they (me, we? whatever) used to spend most of the time in the kitchen.


Most Philadelphians “Go Down the Shore”, meaning that they go to the beach making Cape May Brewery the perfect shore pit stop. Cape May Brewery is located in a little industrial park right at the end of the Garden State Parkway (pretty much the bottom of New Jersey). Coming from Philadelphia, making this my first stop down the shore allowed me to take the scenic route and avoid traffic. When my boyfriend and I pulled up to this place, we were ready for a beer.

Outside in the Hop Garden 

We headed in after taking a few cute pictures in the Hop Garden (cause duh, it’s cute). The brewery itself is pretty small at this location but they have another area with larger tanks for bigger batches. It’s NJ law to take an educational tour of the brewery but we just quickly walked through. I did stop and get a picture with my boyfriend and his family at the photo booth. It’s FREE and has some beer related filters for optimal beer themed pictures.

We headed to the bar after walking through the tour. The bar itself was crowded (weird for a Thursday at 2 pm!). We were able to snag a table outside – which is better for pictures anyway 😉.

$10 flight – comes with a free glass! 

The brewery offers a great deal on flights – $10 for 4 samples which includes a free glass. They had two different glass options but I went with the classic pint glass. The other glass was an IPA glass and it was shape that would be impossible to stack – useless for small apartment living and an anti-IPA person. When you pick up your samples it comes in this cute little tray with some more information and labels so you don’t forget what beers you had. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture that part in the photo. BUTTT my favorite beer that I tried was The Bog, a cranberry shady, and Devil’s Reach, a Belgian strong pale ale.  We opted to get a growler of The Bog since we figured it would be perfect for afternoons at the shore.

This brewery is on my list to get back to. Especially because I heard their spring beer is a Cherry Limeade flavor (whaaaattt??!!). See ya soon CMB!

READERS: Have you tried any beers from here? What other breweries should I check out? Let me know in the comments below.