DIY Sticker Storage

Sticker storage is one of the biggest struggles in the “planner girl” world. Before this box, I had them spread all across the coffee table in disorganized piles. Searching through the piles to create my spread for the week was becoming a chore and just plain old unfun. That’s when I knew I had to do something. I quickly queued up some Youtube videos to get some ideas and came up with this! 

I recycled a cute shoe box to hold all my planner supplies. The box that I used was my Tory Burch box, but any box will do. 

Next, I took some old scrapbook paper that matched the box and made tabs (that I have yet to label). I measured the width and height of the box and cut pieces that would work as dividers. If you want this to look a little neater, I’d use 2 piece of paper and put the tabs inbetween. For the tabs, I used a template from Sjogren’s Educator and printed it on a bright piece of regular paper and printed it out. I did have to scale the page down to fit my dividers – just play with the size while printing! 

In front of the dividers, I have my washi tape, sticker books, pens, random samplers, and post it notes. You can do whatever with the section, maybe even add more dividers.

I also just wanted to share with you some of my favvvvorite stickers! This is the monthly subscription from Station Sticker. It includes tons of shiny stickers, weekend sticker, arrows and page flags. They aren’t specifically sized for any planner so you can make them regardless of what planner you have. My favorite features are that the foil theme changes month to month. You can see September (purple) and October (orange) above. 

READER: How do you organize your stickers? Have you used Station Stickers before? What are your favorite stickers?


With the start of August, new agendas start. The frenzy to pick up a new agenda or planner may well be underway but I want to show you my Agenda! I have been a fan of for a while now because of their really cute pin shop. supports a ton of my favorite artists like Tuesday Bassen and Rosehound Apparel! Since most planner girls tend to go with the Erin Condren Life Planner, I figured it would be helpful to show how I decorate my Agenda.  I even have a code for free shipping 🙂

So, this planner is basically me as paper. There are tons of quirky things like a secret girl code, random to-do’s, and random holidays smattered thorough the pages. I also really appreciate the art from a ton of small artists that I already follow on Instagram.

I am really happy with what I have done with the planner in terms of decorations and I hope you find this helpful when it comes time for you to decorate your own planner. In the video below, I show everything from my pens, to my stickers, to how I lay everything out. I hope you guys find this helpful when you are creating your own decorations in your agenda or gives you ideas how to spice up any agenda you are using. 

If you haven’t picked up your new agenda yet, is doing FREE SHIPPING with the code FREE4SHIP. Let me know if you pick one up 🙂

READER: Do you use a planner? What planner do you use? What stickers shops are your favorite (definitely looking to expand my collection!!!!)