Home Heart Break: Home Buying Part 2


It’s right over the river into New Jersey. Something that I swore that I would never do. The taxes are higher, the roads are more crowded, and you forever have to say that you “live in Jersey”. 

Yeah, Jersey get’s a lot of flack but I could not pass by this house. I really felt like everything was right here. The price was going to put me into a tight position but it was so cute. I told my boyfriend we could at least go SEE it…It doesn’t hurt right? Truthfully, I was already in love and was ready to do what it needed to take to get this place.

We contacted the realtor listed on Zillow and made an appointment after work this past week. The above picture is the master bedroom. Imagine waking up to that EVERY morning. Excited, I left for the appointment 10 minutes early so I could ensure I was the first person there. 

I franctically asked people walking by about the neighborhood. I snapped a ton of pictures of the outside – especially because this was the right side of a duplex. My boyfriend arrived second, followed by the realtor. My heart was beating so fast.

She walked up and greeted us. “She is so friendly.”, I thought, “This is going to be great!”. Then THE moment; She told us the property was under contract and wasn’t accepting any more bids. I instantly felt like I was sinking.

My first house heart break. 

On the positive side, the realtor is meeting us next week. She’s going to talk with us and walk us through the process. Let’s see how this goes. 

READERS: Have you tried looking at houses? Did you have a major house heart break? Let me know in the comments below.

Pictures from the Zillow listing here.
  • This happened to my husband and I more times than I can count! The real estate market in certain price ranges is SO tough right now but the right house will happen. We looked at almost 100 homes before finding our house and it’s just perfect. I am so jealous you’re looking in Collingswood; it’s a great town with so many new businesses and restaurants opening! It’s just too far from my job so we had to give our Collingswood dreams up for now

    • It’s definitely tough. We waited out the winter to see if more (and better) homes came on the market. We saw this home in ~Oct 2016. Waiting allowed us to save up some more money too 🙂